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Specialist in cutting tools for composites, plastics, wood and derivatives,
non-ferrous metals and advanced materials.

With GRT-Tools

Get innovative tools to improve the quality and competitiveness of your product, achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Technical Consulting

Have a highly qualified team available to advise you on the special tools development, optimization of your production processes, etc.


Cutting tools for sign-making sector and plastics processing.

Cutting tools for the woodworking sector and wood derivatives materials, such as: chipboard, MDF, HPL, etc.

Specialists in Nesting machining applications

Cutting solutions for aircraft market and energy sectors related to advanced materials processing

Cutting tools for metals and non-ferrous metals

RafTec Compression

The industry demands increasingly resistant, lightweight, versatile and economical materials. A clear example is the increasingly evident increase in our daily lives of corrugated and corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard (for example: Falconboard, Beelite,...

Milling CNC

New Edition of the General Catalog of CNC Milling As result of the emergence of new increasingly demanding materials and the close collaboration with our customers in the development of new machining solutions, we present the new edition of the general catalog. In...


GRT-Tools presents arangeo of tools that stand out for their low powering consumption and reduced thermal stress on the cutting edge. Characteristics that favor a very profitable milling in all variants of high compression laminated materials (HPL), as well as other...

ALU Endurance-LDC

One of the biggest challenges in the industrial sector is the increase in productivity and the reduction of machining time per component, obviously together with the achievement of the highest quality requirements for workpieces finishes. If we analyze the situation...

High milling technology

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