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Series 22065

End mill for machining wood and derivatives: MDF, melamine chipboard, plywood, etc.

Coated solid carbide end mill with two flutes


Series developed for machining wood and derivatives, with a coating specially designed to protect the cutting edge from the abrasive effects of these materials. It has two cutting helices with a 1º position angle, being the ideal choice for cutting, contouring and grooving of:

– Soft and hard woods.

– Wood derivatives: MDF, melamine chipboard, plywood, etc.

End mill characteristics

Metal Duro

Metal Duro

Herramienta integral de metal duro o con placas soldadas de metal duro.



Herramienta de hélice a derecha o positiva.



Indicada para fresado, ranurado y contorneado.

Con Recubrimiento

Con Recubrimiento

con recubrimiento.

End mill


  • ZWood
  • VPlastic
  • VRigid foam
  • VNon-ferrous metal
  • VFerrous metal
  • VAluminum
  • VComposites
  • VPCBs

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