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ALU Endurance

Series 21095

End mill indicated for specific use in aluminum or other non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, zinc, etc.

Solid carbide single flute end mill with upcut


Micro grain solid carbide end mill specially designed for non-ferrous metal machining.
It features a very sharp cutting edge finished in an innovative tip geometry, specifically developed to facilitate immersion in the workpiece and improve the chip ejection in soft aluminum with a tendency to clog the tool during cutting. Indicated for machining:

– Aluminum.

– Aluminum composites: Dibond®, Alucobond®, etc.

– Copper, brass, zinc, etc.

(*) HF references allow machining in high feed rates, ideal for maximizing productivity.

End mill characteristics

Solid Carbide

Solid Carbide

Solid carbide tool or with brazed
hard metal plates.






Indicated for milling, grooving and contouring.



Lubrication is recommended.

End mill


  • VWood
  • VPlastic
  • VRigid foam
  • ZNon-ferrous metal
  • VFerrous metal
  • ZAluminum
  • ZComposites
  • VPCBs

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