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Series 44395

Multimaterial end mill, has been specially developed to machine a wide spectrum of materials.

Surface Milling Cutter


End mill developed in two versions:
with brazed or interchangeable plates (references with (*) in the table below), in both cases made of hard metal. Specially designed for surfacing the spoilboard on CNC routers.
Likewise, its use extends to the squaring  and surfacing of the following materials:

– Thermoplastics: PMMA, PC, PVC, PP, PE, ABS, etc.

– Wood and derivatives (MDF, melamine chipboard, etc).

– High density foams.

End mill characteristics



New reference.

Solid Carbide

Solid Carbide

Solid carbide tool or with brazed
hard metal plates.



Indicated for milling, grooving and contouring.

End mill


  • ZWood
  • ZPlastic
  • ZRigid foam
  • VNon-ferrous metal
  • VFerrous metal
  • VAluminum
  • VComposites
  • VPCBs

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