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GRT-Tools presents arangeo of tools that stand out for their low powering consumption and reduced thermal stress on the cutting edge. Characteristics that favor a very profitable milling in all variants of high compression laminated materials (HPL), as well as other advanced materials with a high tendency to abrasion during the machining process.

The innovative gradual chipbreaker design allows milling with low cutting forces, reducing stress on your CNC spindle, increasing machining speeds and improving part finishes.
It is available in a range of diameters from D1 = 4 mm to D1 = 12mm and in three versions: in carbide with high resistance to wear, with Endurance MC coating and in PCD HD diamond, in order to cover all production needs of our clients

HPL-Cutter adventajes:

– Diameter range from 4mm to 12mm.
– Very stable geometry that allows 3-5 times higher feed rates in roughing and a greater depth of pass, thus increasing productivity.
– CNC spindle protection due to the reduction of cutting forces required.
– Reduction of thermal stress generated in the cutting edge, for what is got a substantial increase in the useful life of the tool.
– Maximum optimization of your cutting needs becouse this tool is available in solid carbide, with Endurance MC coating and in HD PCD diamond.



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