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One of the biggest challenges in the industrial sector is the increase in productivity and the reduction of machining time per component, obviously together with the achievement of the highest quality requirements for workpieces finishes. If we analyze the situation from the point of view of the machining of aluminum composite panels, aluminum plates or other non-ferrous metals, we find common problems such as:

– Low productivity, due to the low machining speeds that can be achieved with small diameter tools.

– Poor finishes, either due to the use of inappropriate geometry, excessive vibrations, or the difficulty involved in milling the material due to its characteristics.

– Need to use lubrication, especially in aluminum alloys with a high tendency to stick over the tool cuting edge.



To solve all these problems, the raw material choice, study of the most optimal cutting edge geometry, helix polishing and coating have been essential for the creation of the ALU Endurance LDC.

This new series have an “off-road capability” in the machining of non-ferrous metals and composites derived from aluminum. Being the ideal choice for the machining of these materials for the following reasons:

– High stability, which allows high feed rate machining even with small cutting diameters, thus increasing productivity.

– Edge geometry specially designed to give the best cutting finishes, which avoids cleaning subprocess of workpiece.

– Exponential increase in the useful life of the tool, due to the raw material used in its manufacture and the innovative coating
Endurance LDC

Application example:

Tool: ALU Endurance LDC
(Ref. 2102515)
Material: 3mm Alucobond.
Operation: Cutting and grooving
Cutting parameters:
n: 30.000 rpm
Vf: 3.300 mm/min
ae: 4 mm
ap: 3 mm

Resultados: corte con una alta calidad de acabados, lo que evita subprocesos de repaso de las piezas tras el corte. Reducción en más del 70% del tiempo de mecanizado por pieza, con un incremento promedio de la vida útil de la herramienta 5 veces superior en comparación con el competidor.



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